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Engineered to a higher standard– the human standard.

The Modern Leaders campaign brought together a diverse group of leaders with a heightened emotional intelligence to showcase The LS 500’s empathetic design.


“You need to have a brilliant IQ to be a good engineer, but to be a leader of engineers, your EQ matters more than your IQ.”

                                           Victor Cheng, Author

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The Emotional Awareness Sessions

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic we partnered with The Wall Street Journal to create a four-part masterclass on empathy. The series features Dylan Marron, who shares insights and actionable steps to improve modern leaders’ EQ. 

The long-form contains Dylan’s introduction and four chapters: Building Your Radical Empathy, Leading With Empathy, Mastering Difficult Conversations and Understanding The Other Side. Dylan’s TED Talk, Empathy Is Not Endorsed has been viewed by millions worldwide. 

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