Carlo Barreto

Modern Love :60

Our goal with Lexus has always been to make the brand relevant to a younger audience and find it’s place in culture.

After two years of the pandemic, the digital world had replaced our real one to varying degrees and we wanted to tell young people that there is no greater luxury than to do it for real.

Modern Love tells the story of gamers falling in love with each other as their avatars. At the height of their emotions they take it to the next level.

Together with Nick Ball and Parliament VFX, using Unreal Engine 5, we brought to life this wonderful brand piece for Lexus annual Golden Opportunity Sales Event

Orville Peck – Dead Of Night

Experience Amazing


To further inform affluent youth of Lexus’ Summer Sales Event, we made a couple of unique TikToks. 

Golden Opportunity Sales Event
Below are the other two spots in the campaign.
        Olfactory :30
Yellow Jersey :30

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