Carlo Barreto

Innovation means nothing.
Unless it sparks something.


At the core of Lexus design, every aspect of their vehicles is engineered to inspire us in one way or another.  

We tested and brought that ideal to life for Lexus by partnering with musicians, dancers and filmmakers.

Each experienced a particular Lexus vehicle and technology, then collaboarted to create a music track based on Lexus latest technology. 

Below is the music video, making of, for “No Ceiling.”

No Ceiling
Spotify/Apple Music

Warner Chappel Music
Arista & Kobalt Music Publishing 

“Emotional Sparks”  features songwriting duo Nova Wav, Korean-American R&B artist Audrey Nuna and Argentinian freestyle rapper Ecko. The music video includes dancer and choreographer Zak Ryan Schlegel.

The incomparable, Sesbatian Strasser documented the creation of “No Ceiling,” a track based on Lexus performance and technology like TeamMate, an advanced driver-assistance platform that enables automatic steering, acceleration and braking in highway driving. 

Our efforts to “spark something” in young affluent buyers was well received, an Ad Age-Harris poll showed Lexus leads all car brands in gains with Gen Z.

Below you will see four TV spots, each featuring talent being inspired by a vehicle; a case study that further details our success and a TikTok, Lexus best performing ever, featuring Zak.

Innovation, performance and technology mean nothing, unless they spark something in us.



Case Study

Dance is a tangible and approachable way of losing your “self” as your body and senses take over. Below, bonus footage of Zack’s breathtaking choreograohy and dancers.  The track, Two Thousand and Seventeen by Four Tet.

Our campaign also gave a fellow artist the spark needed to shine. 
We worked with ELLE Magazine and created The Spark, a project supporting the work of female and non-binary identifying filmmakers.

In the summer of 2021, a group of emerging directors got the opportunity to pitch their original stories to Lexus and ELLE, with the chance to turn their idea into a short film that would be screened at the 2021 Women in Hollywood Awards. 
With the financial and creative support of Lexus and ELLE, one chosen director was able to realize a film through their own lens, and have their work showcased before some of the most influential forces in the film industry today.

Below is Tiffany Frances’ Another Day.

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