Carlo Barreto

Empower the fans to have a say in every detail of the show. That’s Bold.

Doritos is a spicy chip and brand made for the bold, that’s why we were able to fearlessly rethink the concert experience and empower fans to have a say in every detail of the show.

We took the wristbands all fans wear at shows and transformed them into LED controllers that let concertgoers decide what happens next. We brought this innovation to life live, in concert, at the world’s premier gaming conference E3.

Our audience loved the controllers and our line up of artist was bold enough to go with the flow, making this a night to remember for all.  

DJ Steve Aoki has a song called “Cake Face” and enjoys throwing cakes at fans in concerts, his fans actually demand it. He threw about fifteen of them at our show.

It was truly awesome, we truned the stage itself into a fully functional, giant classic arcade machine.

In 2016 I lead and concepted every aspect of the Doritos concert project at E3 in LA.

In 2014, my first Doritos concert experience, I contributed by developing the bold challenges fans had to overcome to get tickets to see Lady Gaga at Doritos SXSW Boldstage.

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