Carlo Barreto

Welcome to Apartment Limbo,
that uncomfortable place we inhabit while searching for a new place.

Dive of Despair :30

Worm Home :30

Fail Spin :30

Change your apartment, change the world.

Apt Limbo was the first campaign I made after moving from San Franciso to Los Angeles. I literally lived the tagline, changing my world from Polk Street to Santa Monica.

Unwelcome Mats :30

Upwardly Immobile :15

While creating each unique limbo world, we drew inspiration from the physical feeling of amusement park rides to the psychological effects of claustrophobia, repetition and a total lack of control.


Jeff Goldblum
is pretty cool.

I worked with him two years in a row during the month of January, close to my Mom’s birthday.

The first year we recorded a greeting (to the left) and the second he surprised her a phone call.

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